Yes Bank Share – Should you Buy, Sell or Hold?

There is no doubt that the Indian banking sector is currently in a state of flux. Many banks are struggling to stay afloat, while others are performing well. Yes Bank is one of the latter – it has been posting healthy profits and growth rates over the past few years. So, should you buy, sell or hold Yes Bank shares? In this blog post, we will look at the company’s fundamentals and try to answer that question.

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About Yes Bank Share

Yes Bank Share is the stock of Yes Bank, a leading Indian private sector bank. The bank offers its customers a wide range of banking and financial services, including loans, credit cards, savings accounts, investment products, and more. A lot is going on both inside the bank and for the shareholders, making it tough to figure out if now is a good time to buy, sell or hold the shares.

Should you Buy, Sell or Hold Yes Bank stock?


The Yes Bank share price has surpassed their prior 52-week high of Rs 16.25 per share and has managed to hold above that level. The stock is news-based and has strengthened fundamentals. There is a mechanically stable zone around the Rs 15 mark.

Securities by ICICI

Yes Bank now gets a HOLD rating from the company, and the target price has increased to Rs 15.7 from Rs 14 per share. The brokerage notices a change in pertinent operational parameters and increased assurance in the franchise’s sustainability. With the projected equity capital raising, Yes Bank is beginning to experience good things. This assurance will increase CET-1 by 3.84% to roughly 15.7%, together with growth capital.

Nirmal Bang

Yes Bank has received a SELL rating from the company, with a share price objective of Rs 13.4. The company said that while the bank’s superior earnings have improved the overall situation, they found the medium-term ROA objectives undesirable in light of the investment prospects offered by larger banks. Moreover, it is best to open an online demat account to start investments.


The company has assigned a REDUCE rating and set a 12-rupee share target price. Its RoA projection for FY23E increases from 0.3% to 0.6%, although it still falls short of the guideline of 0.75%. Given the increasing rates, they are less optimistic about CASA and think that capital raising and the shift to ARC are long-term advantages but still would take time to materialize.

Best Price of Yes Bank Share

The price of Yes Bank shares has surpassed their prior 52-week high of Rs 16.25 per share and has managed to hold above that level. According to subject matter experts, the company has a solid support area around Rs 15 level and is news-based with stronger fundamentals.

The Bottom Line

Analysts predict that the projected fundraising effort would significantly strengthen Yes Bank’s foundation. Yes Bank has been assigned a HOLD rating by ICICI Securities, and the target price has been increased to Rs 15.7 from Rs 14 per share. Relevant operational measures have changed, and the brokerage has more faith in the franchise’s stability.

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