Which Are the Best Apps to Access Loan Mobile Banking in India Today?

Taking a loan via an app is quick and easy to access. Users can save time, enjoy hassle-free documentation and explore multiple deals before picking a loan. Expect speedy approval and disbursals of money too. The best app in India offers pre-approved loans which is quite convenient. These can be done without setting foot inside the bank. However, borrowers need to choose a trusted app to ensure seamless mobile loan banking. Let us look at the best app and how it works.

IDFC FIRST Bank’s Optimus App

This app has a 4+ rating on both Google Play and App Store. It allows one-swipe banking with exciting features and is suitable for everyone. You can invest in mutual funds, buy insurances, transfer money, pay bills and receive personalised offers. All of these are possible with just a few clicks. Use the app 24×7 from the comfort of your home, at the workplace and anywhere on the go so you do not have to visit a bank. Smart filters are available to make sure you can view the transactions.

It has been rated number one in terms of security. SIM Binding, MPIN and all other safety standards as per RBI guidelines have been fulfilled by the app. A 2-factor authentication ensures no one can log into savings or loan bank accounts without a username and password. Users are free to talk to experts on call or live chat if their queries are not listed on the website which helps to avoid mistakes.

The app is supported on both iOS and Android phones. You simply have to:

  • Download and install the app.
  • Set-up login credentials
  • Add a 4-digit MPIN.

Now you are all set to check out different loans and pick the most suitable one. A welcome kit is provided with your customer ID. This is a proof of your identity and is used to verify that the loan account belongs to you.

IDFC FIRST Bank Personal Loan

Borrowers are free to get a bank loan online using the app. The amount is between ₹20,000 to ₹40 lakhs with a tenure of 6 months to 60 months. Customised offers are given across all loans to help you reach your financial goals without worries. The interest rates are attractive and affordable and the tenures are flexible. Get an instant loan to cater to a child’s education, cover wedding expenses, pay medical bills, help ageing parents or travel abroad.

The entire process is 100% online. It cuts hefty paperwork and human interaction. Borrowers can tick off the eligibility criteria, get the documents and apply for the loan on the app. Give fixed-standing instructions to the bank to pay the EMIs on time. It will lower the risks of missing the deadlines. But do track, analyse and manage your account to stay updated.

IDFC FIRST Bank offers a simplified banking app to make banking easy. The screen is clutter-free which helps to avoid confusion. Be careful while using the app, which means, do not share your passwords with anyone who is not authorized to use your account.

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