Steps To Reactivate A Deactivated Airtel Number

There are several reasons why people might reactivate a deactivated mobile number. If a person switches mobile carriers, they may need to reactivate their old number to keep it. Some people prefer to keep their old phone number when switching from other carriers to Airtel. Overall, reactivating a deactivated number is a personal decision based on your circumstances and priorities. Airtel allows its users to activate their number and mobile services. You can also make an online recharge via the Airtel Payments Bank on the Airtel Thanks app.

According to TRAI regulations, beginning on March 22, 2013, any prepaid mobile connection services for any prepaid mobile connection will be turned off for subscribers with less than Rs. 20 in their account. If there has been no usage for 90 days, your Airtel mobile services like data, SMS, and value-added services, or purchases made with the balance will be blocked.

  • Prepaid mobile connections may be reactivated for Rs. 20 within a grace period of 15 days following the deactivation date.
  • Within 15 days of deactivation, your Airtel Mobile will get reactivated.
  • Try sending an email to [email protected] or customer service to request reactivation.
  • Go to the closest Airtel store and submit a reactivation request.
  • Submit proof of address and photo identification.
  • You will receive a confirmation call before your phone number is reactivated.

How to reactivate your Airtel Number?

You can reactivate your Airtel number by carrying out the following steps:

  • Contact Airtel customer support: To request the reactivation of your mobile number, call Airtel’s customer support number or go to an Airtel location. You will need to provide some personal and identification information for identity verification.
  • Pay any outstanding charges: You must pay any outstanding charges or fees before your number can be reactivated.
  • Reactivation confirmation: Airtel will let you know when the process is finished by calling or sending you a message.

Once your mobile number is activated, you can browse through some of the top online recharge plans offered by Airtel.

Mobile recharge plan

  • Rs 199 Airtel prepaid plan

Airtel’s Rs 199 online recharge plan includes unlimited voice calls and 3GB of total internet data. In terms of SMS benefits, the plan includes 300 SMSes, of which only 100 can be sent in a single day. Another thing to remember is that once the data limit has been reached, the user will be charged 50p/MB. The plan also includes a free Wynk Music subscription.

  • Rs 296 Airtel prepaid plan

The plan offers benefits like unlimited calls, 25GB data, 100 SMS per day, a free trial of Prime Video Mobile, a Wynk music subscription, free hello tunes, Rs 100 cashback on FASTag, and a three-month Apollo subscription. The Rs 296 Airtel recharge plan has a 30-day validity period.

  • Rs 455 Airtel prepaid plan

If you prefer voice calls over data, this Airtel prepaid recharge plan is perfect for you. The Rs 455 recharge plan includes only 6GB of data with no limit on daily usage for 84 days. You will be able to send up to 100 SMS messages per day without incurring additional fees, and calls to all networks within the country will be free for everyone. Other benefits of this Airtel online recharge include free hello tunes and a Wynk Music subscription.

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