Registration Process for a DSA Agent

We all know entrepreneurs always wish to launch their businesses to the highest peaks of success. Entrepreneurs always want to make the most of the available resources in a financial market. If you are an entrepreneur in making then you might as well consider becoming a DSA agent with a bank or NBFC. Some individuals or businesses wish to perform online DSA agent registration because it’s simple, not so complicated, and can complete the registration process within a few minutes. All you need to do is get in touch with the top bank and follow their DSA registration steps. You can visit their digital platform and follow the online registration process for a DSA agent specified by the bank you wish to be affiliated with. Mentioned below are a few strategies you can implement for a smooth registration process and the registration steps which need to be followed-

  1. Filling in the details – While applying for a DSA agent online, you should fill in the right details at the right places. Your name, organization, email ID, and your house address are some of the most significant frameworks in this context. Do not forget to provide your phone number. It’s better if you offer your mobile number as that breaks the ground for personalized communications with your potential clients and the bank you’re affiliated with.
  1. Online payment and document submission – Once you’ve submitted the form online, you need to make the necessary payments. Once the payment has been made, you will be contacted by the bank, NBFC, or lending platform and you will be asked to submit certain documents.
  1. Financial background check – Post this, your documents will be verified, and a legal team will start a due diligence process, and your CIBIL score and credit history will be checked. If there are no problems with the background check, a DSA agent registration agreement with the right stamp duty will be sent to you. You have to fill in the required details, sign the agreement, and submit it back to the designated bank.
  1. DSA code – A DSA code will be issued to you. Once you receive the code you can start uploading loan documents. Make sure you don’t lose the DSA code issued to you as it is the only way to trace your application back to you.

DSA is a very profitable job profile as you act as the bridge between customers and banks or NBFCs because many customers hesitate to use the loan system due to a lack of understanding. That’s where you come in and fill this gap with the human touch and help the people in need of loans by simplifying the loan application process for them.

Note that you can be a salaried or a non-salaried individual of 18 years and above. You don’t need any degree in finance or banking, all you need is to have a thorough knowledge of the loan scheme and the products that you will be selling for the bank NBFC. You will get the necessary DSA agent training from the bank or NBFC.

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