Free Medical Check-up In Health Insurance

The unstable climate has brought new ailments to every human in recent years! Also, rising medical costs could cause a financial disaster. Thus, checking your health, acquiring health insurance, and avoiding financial and mental stress from medical bills later in life are crucial.

What’s more, one can enjoy tax benefits due to the preventive health check up tax deduction allowed under prevalent tax laws. Note that tax benefits are subject to change in tax laws. However, if you don’t want to get a health test done yourself, your health insurance provider may offer a free medical checkup feature with your health insurance policy.

Here is a breakdown of the free medical check to maximise benefits as you take responsibility for your health.

What’s health insurance?

Let’s define health insurance before the free checkup. A health insurance plan covers medical expenses related to disease, injury, etc. It can cover unexpected surgery costs.

The insurance company can pay the hospital directly (cashless treatment) or refund you for your medical expenditures.

Free health checkups constitute a significant benefit that might be scary given the uncertainty of life and the wide range of ailments you may contract. Buy medical insurance online and utilise it to stay healthy.

Health insurance free medical check-ups –

Your health insurance plan allows you to get a free medical checkup at specified health centres or hospitals. It assesses your health and encourages long-term wellness. Some things to know:

Test costs –

After a certain number of claim-free years, the amount payable is capped. The health insurance plan sum assured determines the limit. The free medical checkup cost increases with the amounts secured.

  1. Empanelled centres –

The insurance company shall pay for medical tests at the approved rates in empanelled centres. If you choose non-empanelled centres, you can pay and get reimbursed after submitting the bills.

  1. List of tests –

Your health insurance plan can specify your free medical screening and health checkup tests. Basic tests include blood count, random blood sugar, lipid profile, urine routine, ECG, X-Ray, etc.

The sum assured determines the medical checkup and coverage limit. Thus, assess your health and choose the health insurance plans for family coverage with sum insured for higher advantages depending on your family medical history.

With these tips, you may schedule the free checkup at your convenience.

Why should I get a medical test?

Many don’t take the free health insurance checkup despite understanding its benefits. Reasons why routine medical tests are crucial:

  • Early detection and treatment can prevent significant health issues.
  • Any fatal illness or medical complication is considerably decreased.
  • You’ll know about your health and take precautions.
  • Physical fitness reduces stress and prolongs happiness.

How to get free health checkups?

Free health insurance checkups have yet to be discovered by many. Despite knowing everything, they need help to implement it. Follow these easy steps:

  • Ask about the free medical checkup, frequency, and terms. The features of insurers vary.
  • You may get the day, time, and nearest diagnostic centre based on your request. An authorisation letter can be provided upon confirmation.
  • The diagnostic centre requires the authorisation letter and health card.
  • Empanelled diagnostic centres may directly pay the cost up to the coverage limit for your free checkup (cashless settlement). If you prefer to do it elsewhere, you’ll get repaid.
  • Before buying health insurance, evaluate policies, analyse your needs, and pick the ideal one.


Now that you know about this option in health insurance and understand the terms and restrictions, you may use it to test your health and upgrade your health insurance plan if needed.

‘Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.‘

*All savings are provided by the insurer as per the IRDAI approved insurance plan. Standard T&C apply

(* Standard T&C Apply )

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